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(Adj): having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty: having or showing courage.


brave box

Brave box

The BRAVE Box is a monthly curated subscription box with tools on how to cope with anxiety and depression.

BRAVE Boxes will resume January 2021.

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business woman's

boss BOX

Rather you're a CEO, an entrepreneur or running a household, you're a BOSS! This box was created to encourage women to strive toward accomplishing her goals--no matter what those goals are.

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Boss (n): an empowering, confident woman who takes control of her life, pursues her own ambitions.

our story


“When I got my first Brave Box, honestly, I was shook! This is so useful. ”

christena, alabama

BRAVE by TJ was created by Tashara J. Childs. Tashara's passion is to see people live in freedom by learning how to effectively cope with anxiety and depression. Through her journey in life, work as a therapist and as a youth pastor, Tashara has discovered that many people suffer due to their lack of knowledge of mental illness and limited coping skills.

Tashara, affectionately known as TJ, created Brave by TJ as a way for people to have therapy at their fingertips. The BRAVE Box delivers coping mechanisms right to your front door. You don't have to go searching for ways to cope. The Brave Box provides coping mechanisms that will develop into long lasting coping skills.


"To be able to live and survive each day when you feel as though you're in a mental prison is brave. Those who are suffering should be celebrated instead of criticized."

- TJ

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